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The Seven Fold Tie

visione di una cravatta e delle sue sette pieghe

A delicate drape of pure silk, nicely sewned, twisted and knotted around the neck. Apparently a mannerism, today a symbol of true elegance, the necktie tells about four hundred years of history and contains in its folds the skilful beauty of the craftsmen.

A superfine object who gets the climax in the Seven Fold variation. The contemporary Seven Fold tie is a modification of the precious ribbons en vogue at the Roi Soleil court, and then, between aristocracy and bourgeoisie all over the world. Esclusivo Italiano holds the savoir-faire and expresses it in any work steps and in any details of a Seven Fold Tie: an object, made exquisite by the high quantity of noble material used.

il tessuto da cui si taglia una cravatta
una artigiana disegna il modello della cravatta sul tessuto

The concept of Esclusivo Italiano design studio is deeply linked to tailor tradition and talks about classical elegance with eyes widely open to the future. The studio re-edits tradition according to the brand hestetic: infinitely interpretation of geometrical motives, graphical patterns and texture of matter.

The initial sketches take form by hand, once computerised, the motif is canalised in any used color and in any chromatical variations.

Esclusivo Italiano always uses the finest raw materials in the world. After an oculated selection made to guarantee the highest excellence of the production since the first step, the brand wisely mixes silks, cashmeres, linens and cottons.

The designs take shapes in the most illustrious weaving factories in Como. Sometimes the motif finds the final form in the precious and rich jacquard: an intricate fabric made of positive and negative plays on wefts and warps. Sometimes, the pattern is printed thanks to the most modern technology on a soft and remarkably dense fabric known as silk twill.

una artigiana taglia le parti di una cravatta
una sarta spilla la cravatta

After a focused and precise inspection, the fabric is divided in squares and the premiéres can start to create the Seven Fold tie.

The fabric is sectioned in little pieces projected to contain a complete tie. The blade, the neck, the tail, the linings and the keeper loop are finally cutted out. By precise and dense seams the seamstresses put a hood (put the linings) on the blade and tail and then, put together the neck, the blade and the tail. Iron, needle and thread, experience and savoir-faire start the dance who fold seven times on itself the tie, design the shape and impress its final shape. One last check by the premiére and the Seven Fold tie of Esclusivo Italiano is ready to be shipped all over the world.

cucitura dell'occhiello di una cravatta
visione di una cravatta e delle sue sette pieghe

Esclusivo Italiano • Made in Como

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