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Esclusivo Italiano Giacomo Balla

Giacomo Balla

Giacomo Balla (Turin 1871, Rome 1958) has been a painter, sculptor, set designer and paroliberi* writer, mostly known as technician of Futurism avant-garde.

Giacomo Balla, "Autodolore", 1947. © La Galleria Nazionale (Galleria d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea Roma)

The work as avant-garde theorist find expresion in a large variety of artistic and sperimental discipline. Going through painting, illustration and sculpture, Balla theorizes and designs the uniform of Futurism radical transformation: a dress code described in any detail thought to be worn to define with intention and practicality the desired cultural renovation. The first aim of futurism is acting daily investigating art and life relationship. In the study nothing has to be excluded, the hestetic transformation regard the whole society in open break with the past culture.

Giacomo Balla, "Ponte della velocità", 1913-1915. © La Galleria Nazionale (Galleria d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea Roma)

Perfectly focused on breaking with the past, Giacomo Balla focus his attention on the most famous man accessory: the the necktie. Balla's Futurist necktie find it's final form sintetizing dynamic shapes, bright colors and varied and innovative materials. Asymmetrical metal plates, cellulose triangles and light-bulbs embellishments are just a few examples of artist's sperimentation.

Giacomo Balla, tuxedo sketch with futuristic necktie, 1914. © Collezione Biagiotti Cigna
Giacomo Balla, design notes on futuristic necktie, 1916.
giacomo balla manifesto moda futurista
Giacomo Balla, "Il vestito antineutrale. Manifesto Futurista", 1914. © Direzione del Movimento Futurista.

*Paroliberi, or words in freedom. Literary style introduced by the Futurist movement characterized by the lack of syntactic, grammatical and organizational links of the compositional text.

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