Firenze Seven Fold Silk Tie Aragosta

Elegant handsewed seven-fold tie made of silk jacquard.


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Esclusivo Italiano's Firenze Seven Fold Tie is made, according to tradition, completely by hand in the respect of most rigorous diktats of eminent tie makers.
This tie is cutted from a very lustrous sky blue silk-jacquard woven with an all-over grid by the most excellent weavers in Como. Firenze Seven Fold Tie of Esclusivo Italiano in lobster red has a 8 cm blade that works with most collars and lapels, and is nicely heavy and fully consistent at the height of the knot. Precious and very special, seven-fold construction provides for folding on itself seven times the fabric square.

148x8 cm
100% silk, dry clean only
Made in Italy