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About Us

The Brand

Esclusivo Italiano is a family affair, a story made of passion started in the early Seventies, but its origins come from the beginning of the 20th century.
The passion for silk, the major subject of Como culture, the taste for highest quality and for savoir-faire and the intention to make something long lasting in time that can be passed from generation to generation. This is the concept of Esclusivo Italiano.

tessuto principe di galles rosa e blu
una artigiana segna le parti della cravatta sul tessuto


At the base of any Esclusivo Italiano creation there is a fabric developed with high care and dedication by the best weavers in Como, always being globally known for highest quality in textiles.
Luxurious twills and rich jacquard, the most loved textiles of Esclusivo Italiano, are enriched with exclusively designed motif inspired by traditional tie hestetic, furthermore by vintage print subject of carrés. In this way, respect for the past becomes synonymous with contemporaneity.
The raw matter starts its transformation by the most expert hands. Every single production step is made with extremely high attention, experience, passion and care of the smallest detail. The item, which begins to take the final shape, is then finished with equal wealth and carefulness, so that it can fully represent the culture and the know-how behind Esclusivo Italiano.

una artigiana taglia le parti che compongono un tessuto
una sarta unisce i pezzi della cravatta utilizzando una macchina da cucire

Made In Italy

Esclusivo Italiano culture is established on the promotion of Made in Italy. A small caption that holds inside a whole universe: the thousand-year old history, the really ancient craftsmanship, the overlapped cultures and the limitless traditions.
For that reason, any creative and productive steps of an Esclusivo Italiano item are, proudly, made in Italy by highly specialised artisans: from the selection of fabrics to motif designs, from the development to the final touch of any single object.
The Made in Italy caption is the richest expression of Italian excellence and Made in Italy are all the Esclusivo Italiano items.

una sarta chiude la cravatta con gli spilli
una sarta cuce una cravatta a mano

Esclusivo Italiano • Made in Como

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